Saturday, February 25, 2017

Week Five

Week Five:

Week five will be a busy week for us in A3. We will be working closely with A4 on Monday and Thursday in order to maximise our learning, while our year three and fours have their respective swimming lessons, and to cater for our students' differing confidence on bikes.

There will be PAT testing starting this week and we do not want any of our students feeling anxious or uncomfortable sitting these. I will explain to A3 that we are just trying to find out what they don't know, so I know what and how I need to teach them, and that all they need to do is try their best. You can help by ensuring your child sleeps well, eats breakfast and has a calm morning before school. Please let me know if your child is coming home distressed or is unduly worried about the tests.  

We will also be starting our formal reading programme this week. A4 will need to bring their book-bags Tuesday-Friday so expect them to be bringing readers home on these days with library books also coming home on a Wednesday. 

With a focus on both our school's values and being cybersmart, we are encouraging students to take ownership for their belongings and school/others' property as well their learning. As we clearly discuss what we need to bring each day as a class your child should be able to tell you what they need bring and be confident packing their bag themselves.

We had some great discussion last week about our 'smarts', or areas that we are experts in, and why everyone of these is valuable to, and increases the collective knowledge of, our learning community. We are in the middle of designing posters about these either digitally or physically; you may want to ask your child what areas they have identified as their smarts and why.

Hopefully this week we will also see some students self-selecting work to publish on our blog. What and how their work is published will reflect/respect your selections on the ICT opt-out forms.

Wishing you a great week.

-Miss Woodcock

Things to Remember 

Monday: swimming; togs, towel and goggles (also cap for year 4s), Chromebook/device, Old art shirt (to leave at school)

Tuesday: Book-bag, Chromebook/device

Wednesday: book-bag, Chromebook/device, bike or scooter +helmet (for official bike track opening) 

Thursday: helmet & bike (if student does not have own they can borrow bikes & helmet from school's fleet), book-bag, Chromebook/device, water fight gear (lunch-time)

Friday: Mufti, gala donation, book-bag, Chromebook/device. 

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  1. You guys have got a busy week planned! A1 is really looking forward to working with A3 more during our team building time. It is so nice to see the amazing work you are doing when I come sneaking into your room when you are at home or outside playing at morning tea and lunch.

    Miss Waugh