Monday, February 20, 2017

Week Four

Week four:

For most children in the class Monday was "D-Day". We have continued our Cyber smart programme and learning to physically look after our devices; approaching the challenges we meet with a growth mindset. 

With our inquiry focus on relationships we will continue to examine kindness and resilience and how these are integral in building our learning community.

Looking wider than the classroom our A-team has organised regular meetings where our children will have the chance to learn within and our vertical learning community and grow and shine. 

To bring our whole school together as a community, we are all learning the "You're Welcome" song from the movie Moana. We are also going to learn a dance to perform at the end of term. Here are the links for both if your child would like to practice at home.

- Miss Woodcock

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  1. Hi A3, I'd just like to say that I have observed some real acts of kindness in your class. You are working so well as a community together, not only within your own class but also as part of our fabulous A Team! Keep up the great work A3 - you rock!!
    From Mrs Wenman :-)