Sunday, February 12, 2017

Week Three Update

Looking back at week two:

Throughout the last week A3 have been challenged to: step outside their comfort zone, work with and get to know all of their classmates and to define the sort of learning community we want to to be.

We spent some of our time:
  • Critically discussing our school's motto, mission, vision and values
  • Looking at the lessons within 'The Tree Hut Treaty' by Wiremu Grace
  • Collectively designing and signing our own classroom treaty
  • Having a collaborative paper plane making competition
  • Working on our mathematical discussion and problem solving skills
  • Examining John Pule's work and starting to tell our own stories, about places that are important to us, through art 

Looking forward:

This week will see us discussing and exploring the importance of friendship, how to build and strengthen our friendships and qualities of a good friend. We will also be unpacking our school's cybersmart agreement and challenging ourselves to carefully look after a 'paper Chromebook'.

Important to note:

ICT and EOTC consent forms
We are still waiting on a couple of the consent forms that were handed out during our teacher-whanau meetings. Please bring these in ASAP so students can start using their Chromebooks at school next week and student work and photos can go up on the blog.

Mondays are our swimming day, starting next Monday (20th). The Year 4s will be going to the Leisure Centre (please bring back the forms and payment if you haven't already done so. Thank you!) and the Year 3s will be having lessons in our school pool.

Our library visits will be on Wednesday. I'll be reminding the class to bring their book bags.

Everyone is looking great in their uniform! However we have had a few missing bucket hats; I've been encouraging students to double check that they have their own but if you could triple check your child's hat/s this week that would be wonderful. 

- Miss Woodcock

Students working on their 'Paper Chromebooks'


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