Sunday, March 19, 2017

Week Eight

Learning this week:

Important to remember:

With the year fours' lessons having finished, and the protests of many of our year threes last Monday because of the cold, A3 and A4 have decided to call it quits on swimming.

Resiliency and manners- these are still hot topics and works in progress for our class; the more you can reinforce their importance at home the better.

Behaviour management- we have just started a couple of new strategies in our A3. We are now using Classdojo as well as Warm Fuzzies to recognise excellent behaviour in our room. The person with the most Dojo points as well as someone randomly selected from the Warm Fuzzies draw will get to pick a treasure or two to take home on Friday.

In maths:

There will be continuation of our flexible maths workshops. Its all about tens this week- we'll be learning about adding and multiplying ten, identifying the number of tens in larger numbers and rounding numbers to the nearest ten.

In literacy:

We'll be continuing to bring readers home as well as spelling words this week. Your child should have brought either an electronic or physical list of their spelling words today; we will be testing on Friday. We are working on developing our physical and online dictionary skills in addition to consolidating our decoding and comprehension strategies. Encourage your child to personally respond to the readers that they are bringing home; Did they like the story? Why/why not? Would they recommend it to a friend or sibling? Why/why not?


We are having a conjoint refresher on our school's cyber smart policies with A4. Please ask your child to explain what some our school e-learning policies are and why they are so important. Our students' questioning prompted an interesting discussion today about whether they need to ask permission from their parents, to download music, movies, or games, when at home. Our school's stance is that students must always ask an adult first; it might be a good idea to go into the specifics of when and why you expect your students to ask permission about downloading media at home.


A3 are in the middle of posing questions and finding out about how we can actually effect change in our community to make it a kinder place. Feel free to link this learning into your home life- what can your child, yourself or your family do to be kinder to one another (could be a good link in to more 'please', 'thank-yous' and odd jobs or chores done around the house, how about breakfast in bed for mum or dad).

The Arts:   

Visual art - We should finally complete the dyeing of our important place art.

Drama- Working on putting together freeze frames, building confidence and participating.

Dance- We are still working on the dance put together for us by Charlotte from Peaches and Pickles

Music- We've seen huge improvements in knowing all the words to our you're welcome song so good work if you've been practicing at home!

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  1. Hi Jess. I like the way you are highlighting important learning in your posts, like manners and being cybersmart.
    It always makes the post 'pop' when you add media. Photos and video of your class dancing and riding their bikes are cool!
    Have you thought about including photos or examples of student work?
    Keep up all the great things you plan :)!