Sunday, March 26, 2017

Week Nine

A quick update:

Just a quick one this week...

Being Cyber-Smart: 

A3 and A4 have just completed a huge revision of our school's e-learning commitments. This has been linked into our reading programme so this week they will be they will be testing their knowledge about being cyber-smart and doing the right thing when a problem arises.


If your student has not come home with spelling words tonight do not worry, they are ready to be tested on a harder spelling list and new words will come home ASAP.


In addition to the whole class and small group reading work to do with cyber safety the usual readers will be coming home. If you have the time please encourage your child to read to you as well as independently. A few of our students keep forgetting their book-bags; your child may need a quick reminder when they are packing their bag for the next day.


This week we'll be starting to look at recount writing and about showing rather than telling.


A continuation of last week's focus and learning about Time with Mrs Brough.  

Please remember:

  • Book-bags and devices everyday. 
  • Library books on Wednesdays
  • Own bike and helmet (if your student would prefer their own) for our Thursday morning lesson with A4.  

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