Saturday, March 11, 2017

Week Seven

This week:


In A3 we have been running maths workshops to address gaps in and extend our number knowledge. This involves a more fluid form of grouping where students may attend any combination of easier to challenging workshops depending on their specific learning needs. This week there will be a continuation of the learning we have been doing around counting sequences, before and after numbers, tenths and decimals.


After learning to navigate and use different aspects of our electronic reading tumble (plus material options), and sitting through at least two guided reading group sessions, A3 are expanding their knowledge of both traditional and digital literacy concepts. Check out our cool, electronic reading time options here: . This week our writing focus is on 'doing what good authors do' and 'writing with our readers in mind'. We will also be writing about a time that we were resilient. Resiliency is an essential life skill; you can deepen your child's understanding by sharing with them a time where you have had to be resilient. Please remind students: no book-bag = no reader or library books.

Please remember:

Monday: Swimming gear
Monday-Friday: Devices and book-bags
Wednesday: Library Books

Saturday 18th: Gala Day!  


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