Sunday, March 5, 2017

Week Six

Looking back:

First of all I would like to thank you, A3 parents and guardians, for making sure your children have slept well, had good breakfasts and calm mornings before last week's PATs. I am particularly proud of everyone in A3 for how diligently they have worked during their tests, embodying our school motto to be the best we can be. There will be one last PAT for both the year threes and fours tomorrow morning.

All of A3 should have brought a reader home, at their approximate level prior to the summer holidays, which they have hopefully shared with you or at least practiced independently. In coming weeks, as we more firmly settle into our routines, our students should be bringing at least two different readers home per week as well as spelling words. All of the class have been issued with Studyladder IDs and passwords which they can access at home to practice their basic facts and spelling. I will send another reprint of these details home as a know a few students have misplaced these.

Last Wednesday afternoon was very exciting with the official opening of our bike track. A3 and A4 followed this up with a combined biking lesson on the Thursday. A big focus our lesson was about properly fitting, and checking the safety of our helmets. I encourage you to ask your children about what they learnt.

Heres A3 & A4s first go at part of our dance.

Thursday out on the track:

This week:  

Its only five sleeps until Gala Day 2017!!! Our last mufti day will be this Friday 10th. Please come say hello on Saturday- I'll be helping man a game or stall. 

An important focus of our learning this week will be on the characteristics of kindness and resilience and how these fit into our larger inquiry focus of Whanaungatanga, of the importance of building relationships and our community membership.

We will also continue to extend our knowledge of being cybersmart and using online tools such as google drive and docs.

Students should be remembering to pack both their book-bags and devices everyday this week. Thanks for reading. - Miss Woodcock



  1. Jessica, just want to say that it's wonderful working alongside you. You are kind and caring, yet firm with the children in your class and they respond positively. You bring our school ORCA values into every aspect of the children's learning and are building a positive learning community for the children. Your Year 4s did you proud on the bus today. Their manners were beautiful!

  2. Kia ora A3,

    My name is James and I'm a professional facilitator for CORE Education Auckland. I work with teachers to try to help them develop their learning alongside their students in the digital space. I love the pics and description around your bike track. I know it was a few weeks ago now, and I wondered whether you all still enjoyed it as much now as you did then?

    It's great to see you're all learning about making smart decisions online- it can be really hard sometimes, especially when it's your friend who's not doing the right thing.

    Thanks for sharing your learning and including photos, videos AND writing. It makes it super interesting and gives a little something for everyone.

    Ngā mihi