Monday, April 3, 2017

Week Ten

Week Ten:

This week...


Whole class focus on time. Workshops about doubles to 20, groupings within 20 and rounding to the nearest ten.


We are practicing and recording our cyber-smart skits. Our readers and spelling words will be coming home tomorrow (Tuesday). Today we completed our e-asTTle writing assessment and we will continue our writing focus on showing not telling by exploring what our emotions look like.


Although we don't have a strict mandate on homework A3 are expected to practice their reading and spelling each week (more testing has just been completed) and can further support and extend their learning by logging in to studyladder at home (this could be a good compromise to ensure your child is actively learning when on a device at home- we have talked at length as a class about why having a device is a privilege and not a right). Your child's studyladder activities have been personalised to support their learning needs, each student has been provided with login information which can be reprinted if lost. If you or your child are concerned that the activities are too challenging or easy please let me know.

 Please remember:

  • Book-bags and devices everyday. 
  • Library books on Wednesdays
  • Thursday - A-team invite to whanau to come and see our learning to do with our inquiry topic of Whanaungatanga (community), join us in a shared morning tea, games and pool party. (Please provide your child with some food to share at morning-tea, normal lunch eating food and swim gear if they wish to take part in the swimming activities.)

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