Monday, May 1, 2017

Term Two, Week One

Week One

Off with a bang...

A very big welcome back to A3! The next two weeks will see us getting stuck into learning to do with our Term Two inquiry theme, Change of Matter, by getting to spend every afternoon carrying out experiments in our vertical teams. I'm already incredibly impressed by the amount of engagement, critical thinking and collaboration shown by our students. In my class I have been running an Ice-cream in a bag experiment.


Readers and spelling words should have already made it home with your children this week. We have been learning about the news articles on and will have a go writing our own, about our the importance of our fantastic Whangaparaoa School uniform, a little later in the week.

Digital Literacy

On top of engaging with our E-reading tumble we are learning how to use padlet as a brainstorming tool and as a means of sharing and extending our collective learning. We are also learning about how to use Google to research and the word processing skills required to effectively use Google Docs.


This week we will be introducing important fractions concepts and supporting our learning about fractions through hands on activities, problem solving and play. During our experiments some of our students are learning about the importance of fractions the hard way, we have had a couple of milk-shakes and ice-creams lacking sweetness and flavour instead of delicious vanilla ice cream.

Important to remember

  • Devices and book-bags every day
  • Bike riding on Wednesdays
  • Sport and passions on Fridays


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