Monday, June 26, 2017

Term Two, Week Nine

Week Nine:

Growth Mindset:

This week A3 have started examining what it means to have, and how we can develop, a growth mindset. Our children need to know and believe that they are always capable of learning more, improving their abilities and overcoming challenges because that is the truth! Unfortunately many of our children in A3 are inclined to give up if they perceive learning challenges as being too great so this is why our learning about developing a growth mindset is so important. Over the next couple of weeks we will be examining and discussing these videos as well as positively reinforcing growth mindset behaviour in class.

Here are some questions you can ask your children to reinforce their learning:
  1. What was the biggest challenge you faced today? (Ask your child, and then have them ask the question back!) 
  2. How can you and I think about these challenges in a new way? 
  3. What can we do differently tomorrow if we face similar challenges?
  4. When I make a mistake I feel _____ because _____. How does it feel when you make a mistake?
  5.  What do you do about those feelings so that you don't get discouraged? 
  6. How can we support one another when facing challenges that result in many trials?


On top of the normal reading programme, A3 and A4 are busy practicing their performances for our Matariki Celebration on Friday 7th of July. During writing today they polished off their draft invitations to inform you about this exciting event. The invitations should be coming home to you in their book-bags on Wednesday but I will post the details at the end of this and next week's blog posts just in case.


We are strengthening our learning about multiplication and division; our focus this week are 5s multiplication and division facts and the associated mathematical big ideas which support our understandings about these. A3 are exploring multiplication and division by attending appropriate workshops, problem solving and playing a number of digital and physical maths games.

Here's our 5 x match which you can play Snap or variations of Go Fish or Memory with. (10s to come, 2s can be found in the last post)


This week A3 and A4 will be using what they've researched to put together some form of presentation to use as a springboard to teach others about their learning. Next week they will begin teaching each other as well as older and younger students from our A-team.

A3 and A4's Matariki Breakfast: 

On Wednesday you will hopefully receive a formal invitation from your child about joining us for our Matariki Celebration on Friday 7th of July.

In case your invitation doesn't make it home I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to come and celebrate A3's learning about Matariki with us. A3 and A4 will be performing songs, plays, sharing the important ideas they have learned about Matariki and rounding off their celebration with a breakfast (morning-tea) feast. 

This is a wonderful opportunity for A3 to hone their performance and public speaking skills and enjoy the experience of performing to a real audience and hosting guests.

What you need to know:
  • Each child needs to bring a plate to share for morning tea (they should still pack some lunch)
  • The performance side of the celebration kicks off at 9.15am and runs until 10.30am
  • Shared breakfast/ morning-tea running from 10.30-11.00am (back to normal when morning-tea finishes)

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