Monday, August 14, 2017

Term Three, Week Four

Week Four:

Just a quick update:
  • This week is Maths Week! - Ask your child about all the exciting maths activities going on at school
  • Cross country practice back on this week
  • Year 3/4 cross country scheduled for next Friday 25th
  • A-team cultural item- Our children have either chosen to take part choreographing and performing or working behind the scenes on our end of term performance. It is linked with our inquiry topic of movement of people.
  • A3 and A4 will begin to explore tourism as a reason why people travel. Talk to your child about where you have/would like to travel and why. Tourism padlet
  • Next Monday is our trip to the Museum- please get all forms and payments in asap!
  • Next Tuesday is an opportunity for you to book a check in meeting with me to discuss your child's progress to date this year and their goals for the remainder of the year (completely optional). If you book one please bring your child/ children with you so we can empower them to make good choices about their learning and understand where they're at.
  • Year four camp- please return all forms asap!
Hope you all have a great week.
- Jessica


  1. Hi Jess, thanks for the update. Regarding the trip on Monday we only had to return the forms if we were helping out correct?
    Unfortunately Mondays are my busiest days at work otherwise I would help out! Hope you have enough parent helpers! Cheers Suzanne

    1. That is correct. :) No worries about not being able to help; still after two more parents ideally but have enough spread through our team to manage regardless. Monday will be a very exciting day!