Sunday, September 10, 2017

Term Three, Week Eight

Week Eight:

Our students have now all returned from the excitement of camp and EOTC week. Mrs Wenman and I are incredibly proud of the personal growth demonstrated by all our tamariki. They spent the last week stepping outside their comfort zones and giving the activities all they've got; despite fears and the unfamiliarity of many of the experiences and environments. This week our students will have many opportunities to reflect on their "best week ever" and what they are proud of. Encourage your students to talk to about what challenged them, what was hard, and what they achieved despite this.


  • Continued writing focus on narratives
  • e-asTTle testing will take place before the end of term, your child will be asked to independently create a narrative/story in response to a writing prompt.
  • Reading books will resume coming home as normal this week.

How you can help:

  • encouraging your child to read everyday
  • modelling reading in your free time (if its something you enjoy then they will too)
  • encouraging them to complete their set punctuation tasks on studyladder. The activity pod is called Punctuation Practice and I can reprint their log ins if they have lost them
  • asking them to: retell a story you have just read/watched, identify who the main characters were and how they changed, what the big problems were and how they were solved and what the author/director/playwright might want us to learn from the story and why 


  • We are focussing on supporting and extending our children's addition and subtraction skills through the context of money.

How you can help:

  • Collecting your change and have your child make $1.00 or another amount in as many different ways/combinations of change as possible.
  • Encouraging your child to estimate and check how much particular groceries or the whole bill will come to
  • If you are out and purchasing something small by cash encouraging your child to handle the payment for you and give or collect the right change.
  • Encouraging your child to practice their maths by using the following sites:
  1. (your child should know whether they are practicing levels 4, 5 or 6)
  2. (the activity pod is called Money)

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