Sunday, September 24, 2017

Term Three, Week Ten

Week Ten:

Time has raced by again! A3 and I have had a fantastic term full of fun and adventure; I am incredibly proud of my class's work ethic and the ownership taken for achieving their individual learning goals this term. Like all the rest, Week Ten is a busy one. We will be practicing, practicing practising for our Cultural Festival this week, completing our e-asTTle writing test, maths workshops and lots of visual art. Ask your child about their Who am I? portrait. We are layering our black and white portraits over flags which represent our heritage and our families migrations to New Zealand.

Cultural Festival:

  • All children performing need to bring back permission slips ASAP
  • Dress rehearsal on Wednesday
  • Matinee and evening performances on Thursday
  • Tickets are limited to 400, on sale before school in library. Last day to purchase on Wednesday morning unless sold out prior.
  • Children may be collected during intermission or at end of the show (from holding room/designated classroom) on Thursday evening. You cannot collect your children at any other time during the evening performance.
  • Performers need to be dropped off at 6pm 
  • Show starts at 6.30pm
  • All audience members including children will need tickets

A-team performance:

As per email, if your child is in the A-team performance your child will need to bring in a costume before/by our dress rehearsal on Wednesday.
  • Children in the heroes group will need to wear white clothing.
  • Children in the soldiers group will need to wear camo or khaki/dark green clothing.
  • Children in the refugees group will need to wear bright colours; if possible girls should bring scarves and long floaty skirts.
We don't want you having to purchase costumes, the closest approximate you have will be fine.

Children will need a clearly named bag to keep their costume in, these can be stored in A6 as soon as they are ready.  

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