Sunday, November 12, 2017

Term Four, Week Five

Week Five:

We may only have five weeks to go but A3 are working hard! They have been engaged in reading, as well as creating, a mixture of digital and physical texts and will soon be providing each other feedback about their inquiries. Many children in A3 have been pushing themselves to complete their spelling challenges and I am pleased to announce that we've moved up a combined 48 reading levels, with more to be tested!

Place value concepts and geometry have been our focus in maths. When working independently A3 have been playing a mixture of physical maths games in addition to exploring their digital maths workspace which includes special studyladder set tasks, basic facts practice and place value millionaire (a little tricky for some).

Unfortunately this week will be the last for the wonderful Penny who has gone above and beyond as our Learning Assistant. Our students have been very lucky to attend her target COSMDBRICS maths groups, reading groups and have her one on one assistance in writing. We are all a little heart-broken to see her go.

Important to Note:  

- Our P.E. focus has moved on to summer sports and athletics, our year 3/4 athletics day is booked in for next Wednesday 22nd November. 

- You should have received a Keeping Yourselves Safe newsletter. We will be running this programme in week seven. The Keeping Ourselves Safe programme enables children and young people to learn and apply a range of safety skills that they can use when interacting with others. Students recognise the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships, and those who have been or are being abused are encouraged to seek help. If you have any questions about this programme or concerns about your child's participation please contact me as soon as possible.

It's getting warmer, A3 will need to wear their school bucket hats during play times if they do not want to be restricted to the shade.

Teachers around the school are running special Friday passions/clubs over the next five weeks. Your child has recently made a decision as to their preferred clubs, with their third session starting this Friday.  


  1. With regards to the kids athletics day on Wednesday do you have approximate times of when things will be happening if parents wanted to come and watch?

  2. Hi Suzanne, apologies for the delay. Have now posted the details also available on our website. :)